Current Faculty

Below are the instructors among those currently available through Cooperative Studies. If you are interested in any of the following, please send a request for specific CVs to

LAST UPDATED 25 June 2016

  • Biblical Literature Ph.D. University of Durham
  • Chemistry Ph.D. University of South Carolina
  • Chemistry-Education Ph.D. University of Arizona
  • Civil Engineering Ph.D. Wayne state University
  • Education Ph.D. University of Missouri
  • English as a Second Language Education Ph.D., University of Iowa
  • Film-Television, Cinematography M.F.A. Regent University
  • Hebrew Studies Ph.D. University of Texas
  • Humanities Ph.D. University of Cambridge
  • Intercultural Studies Ph.D. Reformed (Mississippi) Theological Seminary
  • Law J.D. Western Michigan University
  • Law J.D. Nashville (Tennessee) Law School
  • Law J.D. Regent University
  • Mathematics Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
  • Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Ph.D. University of Kentucky
  • Pathology M.D. University of Arkansas
  • Philosophy Ph.D. University of British Columbia
  • Textual Criticism Ph.D. University of Birmingham
  • Theology Ph.D. Fuller Seminary
  • Theology D.Wor. Robert E Webber Institute