Curriculum Development


Cooperative Studies provides assistance and consultation for curriculum revision and development by networking with educators and curriculum experts. Our goal is to combine educational developments around the world with the unique objectives and goals of each nation in order to improve the overall quality of curriculum and education without sacrificing the national, ethnic, or social distinctives of the nation or the people.

In 1997, Cooperative Studies began participating in a historic curriculum reform project in Zheijiang Province in China. Through this joint project Cooperative Studies curriculum experts worked alongside Chinese educators. The role of Cooperative Studies specialists was to provide a perspective on Western education and which methods have been effective or ineffective. In this way they helped develop a philosophy of education within the context of the People's Republic of China educational system. This project was finished in 2001.

Although Cooperative Studies is not a degree-granting institution, it serves the academic community as a catalyst and as a conduit for sharing resources throughout the global higher educational community.