“The professors from this organization such as Cliff Schimmels, Mary Schimmels and the McCarthys are excellent teachers and our great friends in our college. They are always ready to give us help and very generous to us financially, academically and emotionally. Their most precious contribution is their help and participation in developing our RICH education which has benefited many teachers and students here. We love them. The RICH education means research-based learning, integrated curriculum, cooperative learning and humanistic outcomes.”

Professor Huang Aifeng Zheijiang Normal University, Jinhua, China

“We always cherish the quality teachers from Cooperative Studies, who are fully professional, wholly responsible, highly co-operative and vastly experienced.”

James Ji, International Exchanges, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China


“Cooperative Studies provides a significant service to our university by providing highly professional and experienced professors that teach courses that are part of our degree curriculum. This not only helps us to find highly qualified faculty, but it also allows students to interact in English and to gain an international perspective. Cooperative Studies professors always integrate well into university life and develop good interaction and relationships with students.”

Daniel Ballast, Vice-President for International Programs, Kazakh-American Free University


“Cooperative Studies Inc., an unexpected and amazing resource when I was badly in need of qualified and skilled foreign experts at Shandong Normal University, has become a sincere and cooperative partner. The foreign expert named Olga Artamonova recommended by CS has been performing so excellently that her contract has been renewed twice. The teachers and students are proud of her. Shandong Normal University is proud of her too. We have a strong belief in the academic expertise recommended by Cooperative Studies, Inc. and we look forward to a long academic partnership with it.”

Zhou Lianyong, Deputy Director, Office of International Exchange & Cooperative, Shandong Normal University, Jinan, China


“The collaboration that has been rendered by Professors Sandy Simmons and Jim Davidson has been a blessing to us at Faculdade Evangélica do Paraná. Thanks to their efforts, the art department, especially music, has greatly improved. Teachers, students and collaborators of the Faculdade as well as community members have benefited greatly from their indefatigable dedication.”

Arnaldo Luiz Miró Rebello, Diretor-Geral, Faculdade Evangélica do Paraná, Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil


“For two years we have worked with Cooperative Studies, and their representative Dr. Glen A. Taylor with fruitful results. The relationship has been beneficial for four reasons. First, in the field of Comparative Religion, Dr. Taylor has brought to both students and faculty news ideas about Religious Studies, a very pragmatic approach to the relationship between religions, and a clarity of information. Secondly, the information provided in the courses on modern philosophical movements has provided a cultural context that is completely new to the Russian and Tajik approach. Thirdly, Dr. Taylor will be able to publish his lecture materials on Comparative Religion and modern philosophical movements. Finally, through private conversations, meetings, and lectures, Dr. Taylor has been able to help expand the worldview of both students and faculty.”

Dr. Nazri Yazdoni, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, Tajik State National University


“I have known Cooperative Studies for more than 3 years. From my observation, the leadership of Cooperative Studies is full of vision and energy, and is always ready to listen and help meet the university’s needs. The teaching fellow who just started his second year of teaching at our university, Dr. William Wilson, is highly praised by my colleagues and students. He is just like a "Puritan”—hard-working, well-disciplined and loves to spend time with students. We admire this group of people and want to cooperate with them, and would like to recommend them to you.”

Rachel Xiaohong Zhu, PhD, Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Fudan University, Shanghai, China