Establish a Partnership with Cooperative Studies

Universities interested in establishing partnerships with Cooperative Studies follow the following procedure.

 1. Initial inquiry.  This can be accomplished by contacting the International Office:   

  • Phone:  913-962-9961
  • Fax:      913-962-9388
  • E-mail: 
  • Letter:  Cooperative Studies, Inc., PO Box 12147, Overland Park, Kansas 66282-2147 USA

2.  Information from the university is submitted to Cooperative Studies.  In order for Cooperative Studies to evaluate the best type of partnership and to prepare a proposal for your university, this information should include the following:  

  • A listing and description of the certificates and degrees presently offered by the university
  •  A summary of the number of students enrolled in each field of study and degree program, including those enrolled for adult and/or continuing education courses
  • A description of the procedure for hiring of teaching personnel (including professors, assistant and associate professors, lecturers and instructors).  This statement should include the university's policy on personnel sponsored by non‑university agencies, such as UNESCO, Council for International Exchange of Scholars—Fulbright, or Cooperative Studies. 
  • A salary table for each academic rank or position for foreign professors