University Partnerships

Become a University Partner

  • Partnering universities know candidates recommended by Cooperative Studies are highly qualified for positions in their university. Each Cooperative Studies teaching fellow applicant must complete an exhaustive application process in which they are thoroughly screened. Academic credentials are verified, references are thoroughly checked, and a rigorous application and interview process ensures Cooperative Studies teaching fellows meet the highest personal, professional, academic and moral qualifications.
  • Partnering universities are assured Cooperative Studies teaching fellows will serve their university well. Cooperative Studies insists on high moral and ethical behavior from each teaching fellow, illustrated through commitment and service to the university and its students. Our teaching fellows encourage ethical development among students.  They work from the philosophy that high morals and ethical behavior are important in education and leadership, believing that good people make for a better society. 
  • Partnering universities have an ally in Cooperative Studies to ensure the Cooperative Studies teaching fellow meets or exceeds the host university’s expectations. Cooperative Studies assists in communications and resolving any difficulties that might arise between the teaching fellows and the host university.
  • Partnering universities benefit from the unique perspective of Cooperative Studies teaching fellows. A sound international partnership program can help provide a balanced university education in which students become knowledgeable in a wide range of ideas and values that have shaped the historical, literary and philosophical perspectives of civilization. Cooperative Studies provides faculty who promote this type of cross-cultural understanding.
  • Partnering universities benefit in other intangible but no less real ways. International partnerships provide enriching personal experiences and enhance international relations, as well as provide positive public relations for the university and the cooperating members.